15 Jun 2022

Water-Based Eco-friendly Edge Paint

June 15, 2022

D&A EDGE POLYMER are water-based synthetic polymers solutions and emulsions specially design for the finishing of cutting edges of leather for bags, belts, straps and shoe uppers in general.


All D&A EDGE POLYMER products are manufactured with sustainable processes in order to minimize the impact to the environment.  Our R&D team has always dedicated to develop high quality products with innovative technology, and eco-friendly, bio-based materials.  Products conform with the latest REACH, RoHS and ZDHC MRSL 2.0 standards.  Every production site is well equipped with professional equipment for application and physical tests, including adhesion, flex and rub resistance test.

According to various marketing needs, we have developed three main series, they are SUPREME, PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE which are available in matt, semi-glossy and high-glossy finish. Each of them differs mainly according to their characteristics performance.


SUPREME series

D&A EDGE POLYMER SUPREME is characterized by high viscosity, natural covering and very high level of wet-and-dry rub-resistance. It provides excellent anti-cracking and high weatherability properties.


PREMIUM series

D&A EDGE POLYMER PREMIUM is characterized by medium high viscosity, good covering and penetration power. It provides excellent sealed films and has high buffing and weatherability properties.



D&A EDGE POLYMER EXCLUSIVE is furnished with a very high level of filling power and excellent buffing properties. It confers a pleasing matt, semi-glossy, to the edges of handbags, belts and leather goods in general, giving a smooth and natural sealed look.


D&A EDGE POLYMER dries rapidly and has excellent adhesion also on hides that are very closed or with little absorbency. It is necessary to always check the adhesion of product on the leather at least 24 hours after application.