17 Nov 2022

Significantly Improve Inking Efficiency|D&A Edge Polymer Launches Edge Paint with Excellent Filling Power

November 17, 2022

Ordinary edge paint process normally includes smoothing leather edge surface, primer, buffering, colored edge paint, etc. Usually, it would need to apply multiple coats of edge paint to achieve full and round effect on leather edges of leather goods. And it would need to wait for the previous coat to dry completely before applying next coat. This process is usually labor-intensive and time-consuming.


To help factories reduce labor and time spent in the edge-inking process, our R&D  team has designed DHS-05, an edge paint with excellent filling power. Generally, ordinary edge paint needs to be applied 4-5 times to obtain a full and round edge effect, while DHS-05 only needs to apply 2-3 times.



DHS-05 is a milky white water-based polymer, which is designed to give excellent adhesion, cold-flex resistance and edge covering power. With a certain drying temperature in the process of application, it can form a smooth and full-edge paint film which has excellent filling power and reduces the probability of grooves. Thereby reducing the number of edge coats and greatly improving the edge inking efficiency.


In addition, DHS-05 has excellent flexibility, and the flex resistance can reach -30℃. At the same time, it has excellent dry and wet rub resistance and can be used as a primer or a colored edge paint in the actual edge-inking process.


Physical Properties:



1.Apply DHS-05 colorless or colored edge paint with ink box, and let it dry at 45-50℃ in an oven.

2.Repeat the above application until satisfactory results are obtained.