14 Jul 2022

Reduce the Peel-off Risk of Edge Paint|D&A EDGE POLYMER ADHESION PROMOTER

July 14, 2022

The adhesion of edge paint is one of the key physical performance indicators in the process of applying edge paint on leather goods. D&A Edge Polymer alone can maintain its good adhesion performance due to its excellent adhesion power when applied to general leather edge finishing.  However, the handbag leather goods on the market are made of different kinds of leather. Given the characteristics of some leather types, it will cause a potential risk of weak adhesion or peel-off problem in edge paint application.


According to the production experience shared with our partners, the leathers and materials that are easy to cause the peel-off problem of edge paint include:

Oily Leather or Pull-Up Effect Leather

Waxy Leather or Crazy Horse Leather

Vegetable Leather with Close Fiber

Waterproof Leather

Some Kinds of PVC or Special Materials

If the above leathers or materials are used for production, it is recommended to apply the adhesion promoter to enhance the adhesion between edge paint and materials. Differing from primer and edge paint, adhesion promoter is a special clear liquid with elevated adhesive and strong penetration power. It ensures good adhesion of subsequent coatings of primer and edge paint. Hence, the adhesion promoter is the best solution to avoid poor adhesion or peeling-off problems on some special leathers or materials.




Apply one coat of adhesion promoter and let it dry. No buffing.

Apply Primer and Edge Paint according to normal procedure.

It is necessary to always check the adhesion of product on the leather at least 24 hours after application.


D&A Edge Polymer offers different types of adhesion promoters to address the peel-off problem on various materials. A pre-test before production is recommended. If customers identify the peel-off problem during production, please send the materials to us to conduct the preliminary adhesion test. Our professionals will propose the most appropriate adhesion promoter and SOP.