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Colorless, transparent, water-based synthetic polymer emulsion, primer is designed to give excellent adhesion, cold-flex resistance and edge covering power. Given its high viscosity, excellent covering and penetration power, it helps to improve our customers’ productivity during application.

Colored Edge Paint

Colored Edge Paint is a colored, water-based synthetic polymer. It consists of three series based on the brightness – Matt, Semi-Matt and Gloss series. Our R&D team developed various colors to reflect latest fashion trend. Meanwhile, customers can customize the colors for their own needs.

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Bio-based Series

BIO-Circul®️ Series Edge Paint is USDA Certified Biobased Product. It is developed from bio-based intermediates, which is the fermentation of biomass from renewable non-food direct articles, to replace traditional fossil-based raw materials. The biobased contents of these products are determined by ASTM D6866 standard test method. Bio-Circul®️ Series Edge Paint includes edge paint primer and colored edge paint.

Special Effects

As a leader in edge paint industry, we launch innovative special effects of edge paints annually. Special effect edge paint brings distinctive brilliant and charming to leather goods which could help to inspire our customers in their leather goods creation.

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Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion promoter is the solution for some special leathers or materials which have the risk of adhesion or peeling off problems. Different from primer and edge paint, it is made of a special polyurethane with strong penetration power to enhance the adhesion between primer and materials.

Fixing Agent

Due to some customers’ requirement for higher physical performance for edge paints, we have developed a fixing agent series which improve wet and dry rub resistance.

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D&A Edge Polymer has developed a series of edge paint application tools to meet the actual needs of factory production, which helps the workers to apply edge paint easily and effectively.

Automatic Edge Paint Color Mixing Machine

An easy-to-use color mixing machine designed for sample rooms or small workshops, it is equipped with a spectrophotometer to provide quick and precise color mixing solutions based on various needs.

Inking Roller Box

The innovative design of adjustment slide plate helps to control accurately the volume of edge paint during application. Three roller sizes which carry different volume of edge paint are available.

Inking Pen

Inking pen is designed for irregular shape panels or small quantity production. Each pen is equipped with two replaceable roller heads. Customers can choose proper head based on actual application.