17 Feb 2023

Balance between Dream and Reality | D&A Edge Polymer launched the Première Vision Spring-Summer 24 Trend Color

February 17, 2023

Première Vision has published the Spring -Summer 24 color range. This season’s color multiplies color’s power of influence. The color range is composed vertically and horizontally, offering a two-way reading, for a season rich in multiple multicolored interactions. The vertical lines express the season’s 4 concepts through color while the horizontal lines provide a more concise color combination. Combinations that suggest versatile uses and offer new, customizable possibilities.


PV SS24 Color Range Four Themes

Based on the 28 colors published by Première Vision, inspired by the four main themes, D&A Edge Polymer launched the PV SS 24 trend color edge paints.


Ambiguous Dream
Image credit: “Negativity”, 2022 ©Ben DiNino

A deliberately vague dream, welcoming uncertainty and embracing melancholy. References cross and intersect in indefinite blends, with a cloudy aesthetic, like a mysterious smokescreen. To re-think beauty criteria, embrace dissonance, and invent unexplored formal vocabularies.



Visionary Reverie
Image credit: ©Alex Valentina @alexvxvxvxvx


A dazzlingly luminosity fantasizing a fairytale and digital Eden, in pale, acidic colorways. An updated vision of the idyllic abundance of paradise, where the virtual world emerges as an alternative reality, celebrating imaginative freedom. With luminous materials, iridescent digital gleams and a fanciful evanescence, traced out by colorful vibrations.


Sustainable Idealism
Image credit: Digital Dust ©Noor Nuyten / photo Gert Jan van Rooij. Courtesy Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

Anchoring ecological concerns even more deeply in the heart of our creative processes. An idealism honoring nature and raw materials in ingenious designs, and that proposes implementing alternative solutions to provide a new creative impetus. Steering towards a future guided by common sense and adaptability, in harmony with nature, connecting new problems to ancestral solutions. Assigning value to quality and authenticity-partners of sustainability and circular processes.



Primal Imaginings
Image credit: ©Michal Fargo

Powerful and mystical primal imaginings, underlining the strength of materials and the power of color. A search for meaning that moves away from the ephemeral, for fashion that reconnects with lost local traditions and exceptional handcrafts. Inspirations that steep the season in a mystical spirituality, with a rustic power. Celebrating materials, which fundamentally ground us in reality, and are synonymous with rarity and quality.


PV SS 24 Edge Paint Special Effects

Among the four themes of PV SS 24 color range, we selected one color of each theme and integrate it into the special effect of D&A Edge Polymer. The same color shows its splendor in different effects.

Dazzle Color Edge Paint

Magnet Edge Paint

Chaps Edge Paint

Further according to PV’s color matching suggestions, we combine the trend colors in the sakura edge paint special effect, giving this effect a new look.


Edge Paint


Data Source:Première Vision


Please contact us to get samples of D&A Edge Polymer PV SS 24 trend color.